Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pin the Nose on Olaf!

The birthday party went off pretty good. I made a pin the nose on Olaf, and the kids went wild for it! My husband got better pictures of it then I did, but I had to be hostess and the baby wouldn't go to anyone else. I guess he got overwhelmed by all of the people in one room. Any who, to make my Olaf, I used a big piece of cardboard, the front was already white. You could do this with poster board or a trifold like they use for science projects.  I sketched Olaf out from a picture I found online. and then I laid a grid over him using half inch squares.

The original picture was 5 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches tall. I needed it 3 times this size, so I made each half inch square equal to 2 inches.  I then marked a 2X2 grid on the large sheet of white cardboard.  I know this next picture is light, but I had to lay the grid down lightly so I could erase after I inked it.  I have to use a grid for resizing my drawings, that's jus the way I taught myself. I have a hard time keeping things where they belong. LOL
I know the picture is a light. I just wanted to show you how lightly I had to draw in in order to be able to erase the grid after I inked in the outlines.

And here's our friendly snowman waving, sans nose of course. Speaking of noses, I winged it with the nose. I drew a few, and cut them out, held them over where Olaf's nose would normally go, and when I got the correct size, I made a dozen out of orange construction paper and cut them out. I used double sided tape to stick them on. After I twirled each child and sent them in the direction of Olaf, I prepped the next nose while the first child was placing their nose on Olaf. Our kids at the party had a blast. After the first go round we did another round and Olaf had extra noses, and some carrot toes, and even a carrot unicorn horn!

I know I said I was horrible at cake decorating, and it's true. My cupcake skills are slightly better. I was actually very proud of how these turned out!

Please share your favorite party themes or projects. I would love to hear from you!

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