Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Banner

My middle child's birthday is in the middle of January. The poor thing might as well have been born on a leap year.  It's very hard to get people together with illness and bad weather during most Januarys.  This year we have decided we will have a proper party for her no matter what. Well this Saturday is the day! She finally, three days before the party, decided she wanted a Frozen themed party. I decided to make her banner for the cake table, and we're having simple chocolate and white cupcakes with white frosting and icy blue sprinkles.  We're having polar punch for drinks and serving pizza, so see, proper~ish party! Yay us! LOL

Okay so here goes for the banner, really simple. I bought a book for a quarter at a thrift store. I ripped 12 pages out of it and drew some fancy schmancy letters on them. One on each page spelling out Happy Birthday. I was going to glitter it up but having the time proved to be harder than I thought. Then I was glad that I didn't. If I hang something with glitter on it over the cakes, I'm asking for glitter to fall on them, and no one wants mica or plastic flakes on their food.

I colored in each letter with a highlighter marker. She wanted pink, and the pink paints I had had dried up. Necessity is the mother of invention. Well I didn't invent coloring on book pages, but you get what I mean.
I measured out 10 feet of neutral yarn and then measured 12 inches and placed my first letter. I continued on with the word HAPPY, spacing the letters 3 inches apart. I ended with another 12 inches of yarn on the other end. This gives me plenty of tying length.

I used clear tape to tape the yarn on the page, then folded the top of the page down and taped it down to the back of the page. Just like when making a casing for elastic on clothes.
To do the word BIRTHDAY I used my thumb as the length to put the pages apart. It measures a little over 2 inches.  This actually worked out perfect for the way I plan on hanging it. TA-DA!!

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