Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey lovelies! This week has gone by so fast for me. I've changed my eating habits. Yay me! Trust me I needed it. I started on Monday, and am down 7lbs and 2 3/8 inches around my waist already.  Water is my new best friend. So because I needed a way to track my food, I decided to use the altered composition book I started on and never quite finished as my food journal. It's working out great. The first page is my progress sheet. There is space for weight, chest, waist, and arms.
I know that many people track thigh, and abdomen and neck measurements, but I'm not worried about that. I just want to make sure I can see NSVs(non scale victory).
The next page is my daily food entries, and the macros (macronutrients) I am tracking. I'm trying to make this a WOE(way of eating) not just a "diet", so the first page, morphed into the second one below as I have continued altering this food journal for my personal needs. I am tracking Fat, Net Carbs, Protein, and Calories.  I am also tracking how much water I'm taking in, and want to make sure I get a minimum of 64 oz of water along with any other liquids I may consume. I also have a couple of boxes to track vitamins, I take a daily multi vitamin and sometimes a B supplement.
I also plan to start exercising regularly.  When I start this I'll also be able to track all of my activity time all in one handy dandy tracker. There is also an other space on the new sheets that I'm using to jot down ideas or how I felt etc.

I gave myself 15 weeks (105 pages) in this journal, and then I made tabs and attached them using regular scotch tape.
Then I went and wrote in the values of my foods.  I'm doing a Low Carb High Fat woe. But what ever you are doing and works for you is great.  This is how I'm doing mine.
I did some in red, some in black, just because I wanted to. There is no significance. I have many other colored pens so I'll probably do some of my recipes in purple and green (my favorite colors).  So this is how I did my food journal. Do you keep a food journal? If so how do you do yours? What do you keep track of?
Thanks again for visiting. Talk to you soon. Bye!!

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