Thursday, March 3, 2016

Too many ideas, not enough time!!

This weekend I plan on finishing up my altered composition notebook and sharing the pictures. While I don't have much time for crafting during the day with  little man crawling around and chasing the rabbit, and homeschooling the girls, I do have time to crumple paper. Tonight while I'm waiting on the hubster to get home, I'm crumpling up some paper grocery sacks. We try to use paper as often as possible, not only is it better for the environment, but we use them until they are quite literally falling apart, then I reuse them for something else.
This time I am using them to try to make a faux leather journal cover. I aged some papers and need to sew them into a text block. Then I want to make an aged faux leather cover to go with it. I have it all planned out in my head. How it will look when I get done, only time will tell. As of right now I'm wondering if I should just apply it straight to the book board, or should I back it with fabric or paper. Any input? If you've tried this please share with me how you did it. :)


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