Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIY Planner on the CHEAP!

Hey folks! I have yet another great DIY, and this one involves another Composition Book. I LOVE these things! You can do so much with them. They're already bound and lined, all you have to do is put a cover on it that you love and Ta Da! Awesome Journal/Planner/Recipe book!

For this project I took an older Composition Book that I had laying around, cut out the pages that I had already used and then started from scratch.  I covered the front and back covers with pretty papers and double sided tape. I didn't want to wait for glue to dry, and I hate using glue sticks, because to me they aren't sticky enough, and they seem to dry out before I get the paper on whatever I'm putting it on.
Next I decided on my layout for the inside. I wanted to have a full month, two page layout for each month, and I put the 7 days of the week on a two page layout. I don't need a step by step at the moment I don't think. But if I do, I can always add in lists via extra paper whether it be sticky notes, a stapled list, or a paper clip to hold it on. Can't you tell I'm super organized? Ha ha!
This is what my lay out looks like. I posted measurements on the pictures so that you can see how I made it. This is a wide ruled book, but all you have to do figure out how to divide it evenly.
For the monthly calendar, I measured from the margin(red) line over 6 inches, and divided that 6 inches into 1.5 inch sections. From there it's just a matter of drawing in your grid and labeling your days, and dates. Don't forget to label the month. I've just used pencil for the months. I may go in later and draw a design, I may not. Who knows. What you do with yours is what makes this great, it's totally up to you!  I left the column on the right page after Sunday blank for weekly notes, like to prep for something for next month, or ideas for my blogs etc, while leaving room on the date sections for birthdays and events.

With the daily sections, I divided each page into 3 sections by marking off under the 8th line. Then on the right hand page, I divided the bottom one into 2 for Saturday and Sunday. I wrote the names of the day in the left margin, and in the right corner of each section(day) I wrote the date and circled it so that it doesn't get lost in any writing I do.

Well here it is! All together this planner will cost less than two dollars, or can cost as much as you want to put in to it. I may add a dashboard later or a few pockets for receipts or something, but as of right now I don't fore see my need for them.  If you make one of these, please share or send me pictures. Let me see how you personalized yours!

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