Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Altered Composition Journal

So I've tried three times to get this posted. Between life, and winter storms knocking the power out, I've not managed it until now.
I know I promised I would keep my page current. I'm trying I tells ya! Ha ha. Seriously though. I'm teaching a knitting class on Tuesday nights. Wednesday nights are church nights for my oldest two. The rest of the week features my vain attempts at keeping up with housework and Laundry. Sunday mornings are church and visiting. Excuses! I give you excuses! I am working on being better at time management, but hey, I've heard it said that creative people are horrible time keepers. With all of that blather said, on to what I do have finished!

As for items I used, first off you of course need your Composition notebook. I just used a basic 88 cent one from Wal-Mart.
Secondly you need some pretty papers. I used scrapbooking papers, but you can use wrapping paper, pretty napkins, construction paper, whatever your little heart desires. Just remember that it must be opaque enough to cover the pattern on your notebook.
You also need some sort of adhesive. I used regular old clear school glue, and spread it thinly with a paint brush.
I also used a pencil for marking, and a ruler to help smooth things out. Go gently with it though or you'll tear your paper.
I haven't embellished or covered the front inside cover yet. When I get that done I'll add pictures and some details of what I did.
First I gathered my materials, then I decided which papers I wanted where. After that I traced out the covers on the white side of the papers and cut them out.

Next, I lightly spread some glue onto the cover.
Then I spread it all over using a paint brush.
I only did one side at a time. I placed a paper towel under it so when I weighted it down to absorb any glue. I should have used waxed paper, but my kids have used it all for playing with play-dough.... Yeah, so, anyway.
I used this giant box of crayons to weight it down. If  you are using book binding adhesive, or double sided tape you won't have to add weight while it dries because it isn't a wet adhesive.
These are the front and back cover that I have done. I have the back inside cover, covered in green and white polka dot paper which I will share in my next installment.  I hope this shows you just how easy it is to make a custom journal! :)

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