Friday, February 12, 2016

Stretchy Button Bracelet

So today I was playing around with the idea of making a bracelet of buttons. I wanted it to be stretchy so anyone could wear it. Here is what I used: an assortment of buttons. I got mine from an estate sale in a big box of buttons.
 Size 6/0 seed beads in your color of choice. (I recommend coordinating them with your buttons.
 I used about 12 inches of the clear plastic cord from the bottom of this pack. Not sure what the size is.
 This is the first stack of buttons I used. I went up from under the bottom up through the two buttons, then put a seed bead on, then went back down through the two buttons.
 Next I chose another of the smaller buttons and came up through the bottom, and then down through the other hole. I did the diagonals on 4 hole buttons.
 Continue on doing stacks and singles until you get your bracelet the length you want. I did mine about 7 1/2 inches long, then I slightly pushed all the buttons closer together. I then did 3 over hand knots and put a drop of super glue over all of  the knot. Trim the excess cord, let dry and ta-da! you have a gorgeous bracelet!

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