Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Envelope journal tutorial (kind of)

Hey lovelies! I've just gotten into making journals out of manila envelopes. This one is made from a 6 X 9 inch manila envelope.
There is a pocket in both the front and back covers.

To begin I lay out the envelope flat, and remove the clasp if it has one.

Next I make sure all of the overlapping places are securely closed. We will be matting over these places and do not want the extra lumps of a loose flap.  After that is done, trim a super thin sliver off of the bottom closed end of the envelope. This will be the pocket in the front cover of the journal. I'm sorry but I didn't take a picture of the gluing or trimming.
Next I measured 1/2 an inch from the flap fold and marked it lightly in pencil on the top and bottom.
In the picture I drew a line so you could see better where I was talking about. Then I make angular cuts to make folding the marked part of paper inside the envelope easier. I put the piece of paper in the cut, so you can see how I angled mine.
I then applied glue, white craft glue, to the inside of paper to be folded, and tucked it under.
Next snip off those little corner pieces sticking out.
Measure in again from the flap fold on both sides. This time only go in 1/4 inch, and fold. This will be your flap spine.
Next make your center spine. I folded the bottom edge (that we cut the sliver off of ) to the original fold line of the flap, and then measured going from that line, toward the flap,  1/4 inch. This will be your spine.

From here I just matted the front and back covers and sewed in my two, six page signatures and added a button closure and ribbon to wrap around it.
These can be as fancy or as plain as you want! Experiment and have fun! Happy Crafting!

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