Sunday, July 10, 2016

What if I can't afford punches?

Being a single income family is hard. Crafting on a limited budget doesn't mean you can't have all of the embellishments that you desire.  All it takes is some creativity and patience. What I've done is to go around the house and find objects similar in size to what I wanted. I found circles in many sizes, a raffle ticket, a baby food container lid (the plastic rectangle containers) a foam star that fell off of one of the projects the girls made at church, a journaling card that I was gifted, and a banner I made.
All I did was cut these out of Kraft cardstock. These will be great templates until I can afford all of the punches I want.
Crafting is supposed to be fun, so no need to stress over the things we don't have.  So go out there, and find a way to do what you love! Happy crafting lovelies!

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