Saturday, June 25, 2016

2 month Ketoversary!! Diet Comparison, and update on projects and life in general.

Happy Saturday Lovlies! I almost didn't get to post this week, but here I am! Today is my 2 month Ketogenic diet anniversary. Guess what! 35 pounds down! I have been looking at my results from Ketogenic dieting, vs. my Weight Watchers days. When I did Weight Watchers, I started on March 16th, 2011. I was a little over 1 year post partum from my middle child. This year I started eating Keto on my son's one year birthday. So the difference between Weight Watchers has been this; I don't feel hungry all the time, and I have lost significantly more. I don't graze all day long like I did on WW. I lost a good amount of weight the 6 months I was doing the program, BUT there were no restrictions! I could eat anything I wanted if it was in my points. Thus the addiction to sugar and junk foods was not broken. I still ate snack cakes, and candy bars and ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I don't deprive myself now, I have frozen whipped cream mixed beat with sugar free jello and that sates my cravings. I eat whole foods, no more boxed foods for me. I make my own crackers and breads, and I know what goes into everything I eat.
 Now, I will say this, last Saturday I had a slip up. I deliberately ate popcorn at the movies with my hubby last Saturday. Then I ate pizza for dinner. Not my pizza... Little Caeser's.  I could not believe I did it, but I was starving. The card readers in the area where we were, were down. So we had to rely on our cash.. We had a whole whopping $5.50 between the two of us. So Pizza it was. It wasn't even that great. I mean I remember loving the flavor, and yeah it was good, but it wasn't really something I'd come to miss.  I paid for it Sunday though. I was in so much gastric distress. My hands and feet swelled up within an hour of eating it. I hurt, I was nauseated to the point I couldn't move without wanting to throw up. I was so bad, that we missed church because of the hangover feeling I had.
  I eat pizza now, and I get the thin and crispy crust that I prefer, all from making a skillet pizza. I just put about half a cup of shredded cheese in a frying pan sprayed with Pam, and shape it into a round shape as it starts to melt. Then while it's still gooey, I put on my toppings. Pepperonis, olives, mushrooms... Whatever you like! Then wait till the bottom starts to turn brown, you'll see it around the edges. When all of the cheese is good and melted and the toppings are fully "attached" use a spatula to help unstick any portions of the pizza from the pan, and slide out onto a plate. As the pizza cools it will solidify, and the bottom will turn into a cracker crisp crust, that in my opinion rivals that of Domino's thin crust. Now you can add tomato or pizza sauce, but I've never really cared for that much sauce on pizza so I don't miss it. Depending on the type of cheese you use, your total carbs is only like 2 for a whole personal pizza.

Now on to the mermaid afghan I'm working on. The pattern I shared in my other post, I'm just still following the established shell pattern. It says to work for 50 rows. I'm about 15 into it. I know I'm working slow, but my 1 year old gets jealous of anything else in my lap besides him. ;) So I only get to work on it in the van, or when he's asleep. Usually when he's asleep is when I journal craft, after I do some laundry or other household chores. 
Speaking of crafting. I'm doing a journal swap with the wonderful Marge who sent me that giant envelope of ephemera! I can't wait till it's done, and we've swapped so that I can show you guys the beautiful journal I've made, and to show you the one that she has lovingly made for me!

I also had a sale in my Etsy store of one of my journals. My favorite journal, the Butterfly Journal. I screwed up and only charged 8 dollars shipping. The buyer is from Australia. It's going to cost me 22.75 to ship it. The journal was only 30 total with shipping. Gah! Oh well lesson learned! lol

So that has been my week guys! I hope you all have a great week. Keep crafting, and leave me some feedback about what you want to read about. Do you have a new craft technique you want to learn about, but don't want to try it until someone else does? Let me know. I'll see if I can do a review. I'm up for anything!
Take care lovelies! Bye!


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