Monday, June 13, 2016

Gifted Ephemera!

Hi lovelies! Yes, yes, I missed last week. I'm horrible lately. It's like I just can't get it together and I'm side tracked by everything.  I'm still doing the low carb way of eating. I'm down 30 pounds now. I have a lot left to lose, but you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm working on a healthier me. Unhealthy me didn't wake up one morning fat, I surely won't wake up skinny. ;)

Now on to my lovely gift from my new friend from the Junk Journal Junkies group. She's a totally sweet woman, awesomely devoted grandma, and super generous to boot!  Thank you Marge for sharing your treasures with me! I am so blessed by you!

Now to show all you lovelies just what was in my darling package.
She took the time to gather everything up into groups and tied them all together with trims and such. So gorgeous. I was almost bursting from the excitement. I love "old" and "vintage" things, but Marge has me beat!
There were cards for journaling. I've NEVER seen these things, and both my Aunt and my Grandma have had antique shops and I have seen a lot of things, but never any of these.

Oh and a whole envelope of envelopes! I love them all. There were even some that were scented with perfume. It was all deliciously lovely.

She also sent me all of these receipts and time cards and registers! I LOVE them!
I homeschool my girls, and she set me all of these Dick and Jane and early reader pages, cards, flashcards and workbook pages. They're beautiful!

There were even some vintage cards included. One had a note expressing love and concern after the loss of the recipients loved one. I love to read these types of things.  The handwriting is beautiful, and the sentiment equally so.
And here are the lovely bits of ribbon and trims she wrapped my lovely gifts in, and some vintage buttons on cards!!  I almost just want to store all of these lovely things in a box just so when I'm having a bad day I could open it up and rifle through it.  Paper and books bring me peace.

So that's my share. My heartfelt thanks go out to Marge for this package. She has no idea how much this made my week!


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