Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One month Low Carb High Fat

Today has been officially a month on this new way of eating. Low carb high fat has been interesting to say the least. I found myself completely breaking down like what I would assume an addict would do on night number 2.  I just wanted something, anything, that was carb laden. Cookies, French fries, anything!  I was hateful to everyone. I started on a Monday, and by Wednesday night at church, I was praying that no one would say anything that would make me break.  I couldn't be sure if I would cry, or if the devil himself would crawl out of my mouth.   Amazing isn't it? We allow inanimate things to dictate our lives and our behaviors. I remember crying and telling my husband I hated him because his metabolism allows him to eat anything he wants. I was in pain, not figuratively, real physical pain.  They call it Keto Flu, and I had a brief go round with it. Still I pushed through. I'm not sure if it was God alone, or all of the prayers from my Wednesday night group, or just that my body detoxed quickly enough that the joint pains and cravings didn't have a chance to topple me. What I do know, is that I'm missing carbs less and less, and that I'm seeing inches and pounds lost. My weight loss has slowed, but I'm attributing it a few days I felt "hollow".  No matter what I ate I was hungry feeling, and ate way over my normal calories. I've also been eating Atkins snack bars. One every day. A lot of people say that it stalls them. So I'm going to cut them out too and see if that makes a difference.
As of today I've lost 21.4 pounds. I've dropped my BMI by 4 points and I have lost around 4 inches just in my waist.

Here are some sample dinners I've had, just in the past two weeks.
1. Steak with mushrooms fried in garlic butter and zucchini noodles in Alfredo Sauce.
2. Hamburger steak with mozzarella cheese and bacon, celery sticks, a pickle, and ranch dressing.
3. Pan fried tilapia, served over garlic butter zucchini noodles garnished with pan roasted almond slices.
4. Keto friendly Cauliflower crust pizza.
I must say that the zucchini noodles are probably my all time favorite!

So this is my weight loss journey so far. Hopefully soon I will get some pictures so that as my weight loss progresses I can share the changes I'm seeing.  I have a long way to go, and I know it will take a long(ish) time to get there.  Please feel free to share your weight loss goals, plans, and victories. Have a great week everyone!

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