Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elephants for Joplin

Around the holidays there are a lot of movies boasting the feeling you get when you have charity in your heart and help others less fortunate. Well I have a challenge for anyone who reads this blog. Check out  Elephants For Joplin Facebook page and see what has come about from one little 8 year old girl wanting to share hope in the the form of knitted elephants.
Incase you have no idea why Joplin, Missouri needs help, here's a quick recap. This spring a class EF-5 tornado almost leveled the town. Last I heard there were 112 reported deaths and many, many more injured, and I can't find a total for the number of people living in Red Cross shelters.   Imagine having to spend the holidays in a FEMA trailer.  I know that in the nearly 7 months since the tornado that a lot of improvements have been made, and permenant homes have been built, but so much was lost, including, jobs, and the ability to replace everything lost. So in the Spirit of the Season, I'm challenging any of you who read this to give an Elephant Kiss, or knit a pair of gloves, a scarf, or a hat, or even an elephant!

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